Your ideas, brought to life

Welcome to our Workshop, where artistry meets precision in the heart of Malta. Domestica is one of the few Maltese companies that has stood by its belief in the value of local craftsmanship through thick and thin. Our master carpenters are the beating heart of our factory, attending to every little detail and operating advanced machinery in a happy balance of traditional carpentry and modern technology that allows us to satisfy our clients’ every need.

You know what you want. Whatever that may be, in Domestica, you have a partner that can provide it. We have crafted restaurants, offices, boardrooms, wall paneling, and many homes, all made of solid wood. We also work with various veneers, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), melamines, and a range of other materials, with our investment in the latest technology making us able to offer clients a wide choice to suit every project with any budget.

Our extensively developed in-house capabilities across our factory’s 3,600 sqm of floorspace afford us the flexibility to take on all kinds of commercial and residential projects for furniture and fittings, working with designers and architects to construct our clients’ dreams efficiently, affordably, and professionally.


Elevate Your Living Spaces:
Bespoke Furniture, Uniquely Yours

Transform your home into a reflection of your personal style with Domestica Bespoke. Whether you’re envisioning a custom kitchen island, a unique bedroom wardrobe, custom doors, or a statement living room piece, we’re here to make it a reality. Taking an ‘A-Z’ approach, we offer a comprehensive process, spanning from the initial concept through to the final touches, ensuring every intricate detail is tailored to your preferences.


Crafting Ambiance,
Redefining Workspaces

At Domestica, we understand that each business has its own unique identity and requirements. Our bespoke corporate furniture solutions are designed to enhance and reflect the distinct character of your professional space, whether it’s a dynamic office environment or a welcoming hospitality setting.



In the corporate world, the right environment can inspire innovation and productivity. At Domestica, we understand the evolving needs of modern offices. Comfort takes centre stage, with ergonomic designs that minimise stress and allow us to do our best work. From executive desks to ergonomic workstations, we create furniture that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.



The hospitality industry demands an amalgamation of comfort, style, and durability. Our craftsmen excel at creating bespoke furniture that sets the tone for hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Whether it’s luxurious headboards for a boutique hotel or robust dining sets for a busy eatery, our team is adept at bringing your vision to life. Using high-grade materials, as mentioned above, you can be rest assured that everything created is built to last.