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Who We Are 

Domestica is a company that produces high-quality, durable, and custom-made furniture. Our products are imported from Italy and we also provide furnishings to kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and more. We turn every house all over Malta into a home.

Our Company Profile

We have been operating in the furniture business since 1969. Our name is synonymous with good workmanship, personalised service, and world-renowned brands.

Our Company History 

Leo Vassallo Cesareo established the company. Traditionally, it is renowned as a factory capable of producing customized furniture to cater to our clients’ individual specifications. During the 70's, the company’s production quality and efficiency was recognized by the Italian furniture giant Berloni. We were then given the license to produce furniture under their brand for a number of years.

Following the removal of levies, which protected the local furniture industry, we had to rethink our strategy. We also had to change our focus from manufacturing to importing selected brands.

While other competing furniture companies struggled to secure renowned international brands in time for the removal of levies, we, who had already enjoyed a close working relationship with Berloni for over 30 years, found ourselves at the forefront of the race and enjoyed an immediate competitive edge.

Our Company Today 

Today, we import the full range of Berloni and Pedini kitchens directly from Italy. Their modular system design and manufacturing capabilities, assisted by the latest computer design technology, are tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Both ranges are complemented by a selection of other products imported under selected brands, such as Egoitaliano sofas, various bedroom collections and the full range of Fatboy.

We still retain our factory operations, which enable us to selectively tender for contract work and/or provide tailor-made solutions. We are regularly being awarded with contracts by retail outlets, hotels, and other commercial entities. Today, we are being managed by Leo’s two children. Christopher is our Managing Director.

Christopher and Francesca both continue their father’s tradition of offering a personalised service to our customers. They are also being actively involved in all the aspects of the company’s operations.

Our Philosophy

We are a family-owned and -managed business. Our philosophy is simple – furniture is a personal matter. With over 40 years of experience in turning houses into homes, we are all about satisfied customers. Here in the company, satisfaction is everyone’s culture and a way of life.